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Capture and Enslavement
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Sylviane Diouf

Rebels' Cell, Gorée Island, Senegal

Rebellious captives were held in this crawl space under the stairs leading to the trader's apartment. Throughout the eighteenth century, numerous revolts linked to the slave trade broke out in Senegambia. Fort Saint-Joseph, on the Senegal River, was attacked, and all commerce was interrupted for six years. Several conspiracies and actual revolts erupted on Gorée Island, resulting in the death of the governor and several soldiers. In addition, the crews of several slave ships were killed on the River Gambia.

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Title: Rebel's cell, Gorée Island, Senegal.
Location: Sylviane Diouf
Subjects: Captives
Cells (Rooms) -- Senegal -- Goree Island
Slave trade

Keywords: Goree Island, Senegal
Transatlantic Slave Trade
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