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Haitian Immigration
Haitians in the United States: Pride against Prejudice
Alex Stepick, Florida International University
Haitian Migrants and Haitian-Americans: From Invisibility into the Spotlight
from The Journal Ethnic Studies, vol. 14. no. 2 (Summer 1986)
Robert Lawless
A Dominical Harvest of Shame
from Caribbean Review, vol. 8, no. 1 (Winter 1979)
Marcy Fink
The New Haitian Diaspora: Florida's Most Recent Residents
from Caribbean Review, vol. 11, no. 1 (Winter 1982)
Thomas Boswell
"All in the Same Boat?: Unity and Diversity in Haitian Organizing in New York"
from Caribbean Life in New York City: Sociological Dimensions
Nina Glick-Schiller et al.
Center for Migration Studies
Chapter IV - "From Haiti to the United States: Away From Periphery Toward a Center"
from Making It": Migration and Adaption Among Haitian Boat People in the United States
Rose-Marie Cassagnol Chierici
AMS Press
"Haitian Culture: Religion, Cuisine, Music and Art"
from Pride Against Prejudice: Haitians in the United States
Alex Stepick
The Impact of Migration on Haitian Family and Household Organizations
from Family and Kinship in Middle America and the Caribbean: Proceedings of the 14th Seminar of the Committee on Family Research of the International Sociological Association, Curacao, September 1975
Michel Laguerre
Willemstad and Leiden: Institute of Higher Studies in Curacao and the Department of Caribbean Studies of the Royal Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology
Chapter 4 - "Family Organizations"
from American Odyssey: Haitians in New York City
Michel Laguerre
Cornell University Press (Ithaca, 1984)
Chapter 7 - "The Second Generation of Haitians in Evanston"
from Becoming Black American: Haitians and American Institutions in Evanston, Illinois
Tekle Mariam Woldemikael
AMS Press (New York, 1989)
Chapter 3 - "Emergence and Essence of Haitian Immigrant Ethnicity"
from Haitian Immigrants in Black America: A Sociological and Sociolinguistic Portrait
Flore Zéphir
Bergin & Garvey (Westport, CT, 1996)
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