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Haitian Immigration
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Lesson Plans For Haitian Immigration
The Second Generation: Cultural Continuity Versus Americanization
Grade levels: High school, grades 9-12
Concentration area: History, Social Studies
The narrative Haitian Immigration: Twentieth Century: echoes the familiar immigrant theme of generational differences with immigrants and their children, as the latter struggle between cultural continuity and the strong societal impetus to Americanize. The lesson The Second Generation asks students to compare and contrast the Haitian experience with those of earlier immigrants through film, song, or literature describing the experiences of migrants to the cities of the United States.
Haitian Immigration: Twentieth Century Lesson Plan
Grade levels: Middle and high school, grades 9-12
Concentration area: History
This lesson is designed for students to use with the narrative Haitian Immigration: Twentieth Century. Students also will use the site's maps and image resources in studying this migration. Appropriate for middle school and high school students, the lesson's goal is to facilitate students' understanding of the causes of this migration, the impact it had on destination communities, and how Haitians have adapted to life in their new home.
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