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The Transatlantic Slave Trade
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This website is produced by the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York and is part of their "Timeline of Art History" project. It features in-depth information and analysis on history and art.

Slave Forts and Castles

Site of UNESCO World Heritage List. Click on Benin, Ghana, and Senegal to see sites related to the transatlantic slave trade.

Pictorial Images of the Transatlantic Slave Trade

African societies and cultures, and the transatlantic slave trade. Information, pictures, illustrations, portraits of African victims of the slave trade.

Slaves and the Courts, 1740-1860

This Library of Congress sites contains over a hundred pamphlets and books. Search by keywords or browse the subject index.

The African-American Pamphlet Collection, 1822-1909

This Library of Congress site offers complete page images of the 396 titles in the African American Pamphlet Collection, as well as searchable electronic texts and bibliographic records. Use keywords such as slave trade or Africa; or browse the subject index.

Breaking the Silence: Learning About the Transatlantic Slave Trade

This is one of the most complete sites for teachers on the subject of the transatlantic slave trade available. The site aims to help teachers and educators to "Break the Silence" that continues to surround the story of the enslavement of Africa that began over 500 years ago. Links to maps of the trade routes and to class plans for teaching this emotional yet pertinent subject are also available.

African Migration

This University of Calgary informative site contains a lengthy history of the transatlantic slave trade, illustrations, and maps.

Africans in America: America's Journey Through Slavery

Interviews of historians, illustrations, excerpts of Africans' autobiographies.

African History Sourcebook

Autobiographies of African victims of the slave trade, and Europeans' descriptions of the slave trade.


Listing of links to pages about the Amistad.


Timeline, narrative, biographies and portraits of the people involved in the Amistad story.

Slave Trade and Slavery

The Gilder Lehrman Center for the Study of Slavery, Resistance and Abolition at Yale maintains a site on various topics including the Amistad, and numerous documents relating to slavery. Calendar of conferences.

Bristol and Slavery

Documentation on the role of Bristol in the transatlantic slave trade, and on the slave trade in general.

Captive Passage

This Mariners' Museum site examines the maritime aspects of the transatlantic slave trade, along with the origins and legacies of race-based slavery.

The Transatlantic Slave Trade

Web story about the transatlantic slave trade and the enslaved Africans who came from hundreds of ethnic groups whose languages and cultures were 'creolised' into one identity. Information about genetic studies reclaiming the lost roots of the descendents of those enslaved is featured.

The Slave Route Newsletter

An in-depth newsletter chronicling the development of UNESCO's Slave Route project. Images, maps of transatlantic slave trade routes, statistical data, critical analysis, and educational resources are available

The Middle Passage

Images and accounts of the Middle Passage and several links to similar pages.

Ebos Landing

The story better known as "Myth of the Flying Africans", based on the arrival of Igbo from Nigeria on St. Simons Island in 1803.

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