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Haitian Immigration : Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries
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Antebellum Louisiana: Immigration

The Louisiana State Museum digital exhibit features a page on immigration in Louisiana with some information on free and enslaved immigrants from Africa and Saint Domingue among other groups.

The First Boat People

Retraces the story of the refugees from Saint Domingue arriving in Louisiana.

Cuban Influence on New Orleans Music

Historical essay describing the musical influences of thousands of Saint Domingue refugees who migrated to Cuba and were subsequently exiled to New Orleans after the Haitian Revolution.

Refugees in Philadelphia 1792 - 1800

Story on Saint Domingue refugees from Cap Fran├žais and their arrival in Philadelphia.

Les Gens De Couleur Libres

In honor of the 300th anniversary of French Louisiana (1999), this exhibit focuses on the free black community of the Crescent City during Pre-Civil War era. Several images and documents are displayed.

Louisiana State University Digital Exhibit: Creole Echoes Home

This exhibition displays profiles, images, architecture, and prominent figures of nineteenth century New Orleans intellectual and cultural life.

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