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The Northern Migration
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Nineteenth-Century Maine

Maine's African-American community lifestyle and notable citizens during the 19th century. There is reference to Williamburg's large percentage of former slaves who migrated to work at slate quarries by invitation of General Oliver O. Howard after the Civil War.

Hartford, Connecticut

This exhibits chronicles the creation of Hartford's African-American community from the fifteenth century. Section on "the first wave of immigration" during the Northern Migration.

African American Odyssey: Reconstruction and Its Aftermath

This Library of Congress site exhibit features some migration trends of African Americans during Reconstruction including the Northern Migration.

The Migration to Ohio

This online scrapbook of Ohio history details important dates and figures in African-American migration movements to the North.

Portal on the African-American presence in Southeastern Ohio

Very detailed Web Site on the African-American Experience in Ohio.


This site focuses on the role of religion and the founding of churches, South and North, during that time period.

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