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The Great Migration
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The Great Migration: A Story in Paintings by Jacob Lawrence

Through a series of paintings in The Great Migration, Jacob Lawrence illustrates the mass exodus of African Americans who moved to the North in search for a better life. Lawrence's parents were among those who migrated between 1916-1919 during what was considered the first wave of the migration.

History Matters

Keyword Great Migration: a search listing of abstracts providing links to and information about the Great Migration, including critical text, transcription, audio, and images.

Women and Labor

Series of studies on African-American women, labor, and the black community's economic status during and after the Great Migration.

The Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords

This interactive site presents a documentary about the history of African-American newspapers, which flourished during the Great Migration. Bios of papers like the Chicago Defender and extensive press history timelines are on the site.

Jim Crow

Multimedia site for the documentary, The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow. This page is an event listing and search site that includes the Great Migration.

Charles "Cow Cow" Davenport

Biography and discography of Charles "Cow Cow" Davenport" along with actual recording of "Jim Crow Blues".

The Black Migration

Information and links to information about the Great Migration including and audio file of an interview on with host Robert Siegel and Adero Malaika, editor of Up South, a collection of documents and stories by and about African-American migrants. Included are several readings from the book.

The New Negro and Panafricanism

"The New Negro Movement and the African Heritage in a Pan-Africanist Perspective" by Sonia Delgado-Tall. This article published by the Journal of Black Studies discusses the background and cultural forces of the New Negro Movement and Pan-Africanism as it relates to African heritage and kinship.

"Sir I Will Thank You with All My Heart":

This site has transcribed letters to the Chicago Defender, which urged African Americans to migrate to the North. History Matters considers migrants' letters to northern newspapers among the best and most voluminous sources for understanding the migration process and interpreting the migrants' motivations for leaving.

Chicago, Jazz, and the Great Migration

Listing of online resources and links such as photos, art exhibits, audio files, maps, literary excerpts, biographies, bibliographies, and curriculum tools by the Joseph Regenstein Library Chicago Jazz Archive.

Chicago Blues

A "short take on Chicago Blues" on the American Historical Association site.

Harlem Renaissance

Extensive archive of pictures taken by Carl Van Vechten in Harlem. Numerous portraits of celebrities of the Harlem Renaissance.

Rhapsodies in Black

Exhibit by the Institute of International Visual Arts: images and artist biographies with themes such as the Harlem Renaissance and The New Negro

Migrations to Hartford

A Struggle from the Start: pictures and information on the African-American population of Hartford, Connecticut, during and after slavery, including migrations.

Indianapolis and the Great Migration

Indianapolis at the time of the Great Migration, 1900-1920. Article from the Indiana Historical Society.

The Sweet Trials

Trial in 1925 of an African-American family in Detroit accused of killing a man when a mob besieged their house. Background material: pictures, tables, black migration to Detroit, comparison with other northern cities.

Migration to Michigan

Articles from the 1927 Hampton Institute publication, The Southern Workman: black businesses, migration difficulties in Michigan, women's businesses.

Tears, Trains, and Triumphs

In depth fact sheet and story on the history and legacy of African-Americans and the Pennsylvania Railroad by the Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania.

African Americans in Pennsylvania

A seven-page layout about the history of African Americans in Pennsylvania by the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission:

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