The Communication Network Lesson:  Keeping in Touch

Grading Criteria Handout


Directions:  Work will be graded as outlined below.


1.   Content

·         Each of the eight frames tells one part of the story, such as:

a.       How the message was communicated.

b.       What the situation was (e.g. freed person in Boston learning about the situation in the South from a runaway slave).


·         The illustration is a good representation of the event.


·         Minimal information is provided in the text or through the use of conversation “bubbles” to enhance the cartoon and the information included in the picture.


·         The information is accurate.


  1. Illustration

The illustration does an admirable job portraying the event. (Even if you aren’t the best artist, time and effort will enhance the artwork).


  1. Overall Quality

The work:   

·         Is neat.

·         Demonstrates proper spelling and grammar (a word or phrase needs to be in quotes if it is purposely grammatically incorrect to represent the time period).

·         Uses color appropriately.


4.   Time on Task

Consider this question:  Did you use the time allocated for the project adequately?